The number of video surveillance systems is growing very rapidly as government, businesses and individuals alike have discovered that surveillance system is the most effective tool that serves the following multiple purposes:
Monitors processes at factories, particularly in hazardous environments
Monitors traffic and collect data
Deters crime and protect people and property
Solves crimes and disputes
Helps convict criminals
Provides evidences against fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits
Verifies alarms (fire and burglary)
Watches out for loved ones including kids & seniors at home or care facilities

When video systems used the old analog technologies, video was recorded on tapes in black/white. They were not too helpful for identifying offenders. However, digital technologies have revolutionized the video surveillance industry. The new crisp and sharp color images, delivered through cables or wireless waves, to local and remote destinations, have made cameras and digital video recorders the top choice for capturing happenings around us. Alarms alone are no longer sufficient in preventing crimes as police and individuals increasingly ignore them. Surveillance videos have undisputedly become the best friend to enforcement officers, helping solve crimes such as theft, vandalism, kidnapping, murders, trespassing, etc.

Cypress Video custom-designs video surveillance systems for specific applications, such as:

Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration

Whenever and wherever cash changes hands, theft may occur. Store owners, particularly owners of chain stores, cannot possibly stand at the cash drawer all the time to prevent theft by customers and employees. Cypress offers a great solution by integrating your POS system into the digital surveillance system.
Video out from the camera near the cash register goes to video in on the Cypress Text Inserter.   The camera has a clear view of the cashier, customer and the register area
Transaction data entered into the cash register is copied through RS-232 printer interface or an   additional interface module to the Cypress Text Inserter
The combined images go to the DVR
The combined images, with videos feeding from the camera as background, detailed cash register   transaction data are displayed on the monitor locally or through the internet
• An optional feature provides 2 hard alarm outputs to trigger alarming DVRs for Exception   Reporting and Recording

Preschools, Daycare Centers, Schools, Retirement Homes, etc.

Parents want to watch their kids at preschools, daycare centers, arts classes, etc. to make sure the kids are behaving and are not mistreated by others. Schools also want to monitor teachers and assistants and avoid any allegations of neglect or abuse by parents. The same is true for seniors staying at retirement homes. The surveillance system of Cypress with Remote View Technology through the Internet, if installed at these institutions, provides peace of mind to both administrators and customers. They also deter and help solve crimes. Administrators can collect monthly fees of $1 to $5 from customers that want online viewing of their loved ones at these facilities. Revenues from monthly viewing fees will not only pay for the costs of the surveillance system, but they will also represent a source of additional recurrent income for the facilities.


Cypress Video custom-designs the most cost-effective surveillance system to protect your ultimate sanctuary: your home. Cypress Video has a lot of experience in designing and installing surveillance systems for condominium complex, apartment buildings, garages and individual homes. A mixture of vandal-proof outdoor cameras, night vision cameras, zoom cameras and covert cameras is used to protect against vandalism, theft, trespassing, etc. Cypress Video also provides hidden cameras for surveillance on housemaids or babysitters, spouse, etc.

Factories, Buildings, Offices

Security Surveillance System is the single most powerful tool to protect businesses, big or small. Give Cypress a call at (510) 668-1330 and let their professionals give you a free estimate on a surveillance system custom made to meet your company's specific requirements.

The initial investment in a video surveillance system is small when compared to the enormous benefits they bring. Call (510) 668-1330 or email Cypress today for a free quote!

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