Applying the latest technology in digital imaging, network and the Internet, Cypress Video provides security digital video surveillance systems for homes and businesses. Clear and sharp color videos through high-resolution cameras can be viewed from anywhere in the world using a standard Internet browser. The videos are recorded locally on a digital video recorder. They can also be recorded remotely at the same time. This flexibility allows you to keep an eye on your properties and loved ones day and night, no matter where you are. Surveillance system deters crimes; provides leads to Police and helps convict criminals.
Most surveillance companies sell pre-packaged equipment intended to suffice for any application. Cypress Video knows everyone’s need is different. Cypress Video custom-designs every system to meet the customer’s specific needs – whether that means keeping an eye on one room or monitoring an entire building or estate. When you need a new system or an upgrade of an existing surveillance system, a surveillance expert from Cypress Video will visit your premises to understand the floor layout, light condition and security concerns. Based on the findings, Cypress Video will design a system, select the number and models of cameras (wide-angle, zoom, night vision, PTZ, covert, etc.) and installation positions that best suited your needs and budget. Cypress Video does not charge for this design service. No wonder Cypress Video Surveillance System has unparalleled customer satisfaction.
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